Musical wish on visit


Music is a medium to connect people’ heart, create sentiments, forgiveness, share special feelings & emotions.

“Express yourself by booking a live music greeting visit for your dear one”

About the Musical wish on visit service

This service is one of the live music greeting service made available via personally visiting for on special days. The Musical wish on visit service is felicitated to surprise someone and make them feel special and overwhelmed. This service is initiated with a philosophy of re-building bond, valuing relationship and even expressing your feelings. It is one of a kind service organized by the JustDialMusic (professional live music greeting specialists) for spreading greetings across in a unique way to your dear one.


  • Two wonderful musicians will be appointed to greet your dear one by performing a classy live melody,
  • Bouquet with a bunch of roses will be gifted on your behalf to your dear one in a royal style conveying your message (as soon as the gift is being handed over, the musician starts playing the dedicated song at the background). 
  • Photography to capture the moments (will be shared with you in an e-format)
  • Other elements inclusive as artists’ attire etc.

The presentation duration of the song will stay as few minutes, meanwhile the musician/s expresses the initiative and stays with a pause of few seconds to a minute or more (depending upon the situation) to let the concerned person express their joy, surprise and inexpressible value, feelings and sentiments to the situation.

The musician may further express what the concerned person thinks about him/her and how they value the bond. They also convey how special they are for the concerned person and congratulate them.


Our objective – Is to create an emotional and sentimental value that brings smile, reverence and an unforgettable memory into the hearts of someone chosen by you. A service that will spread love vibes to anybody, with a very special treatment, that would last in someone’s heart for ever. What makes this service special is its uniqueness of gifting, specialty and salutation which is specifically designed for the receiver.

Special MomentsBirthday Valentine’s Day | Welcome Moments @ Airport, Stops, Sations etc | Anniversaries | Good Bye Moments | Retirement, See off parties | Business Sign up moments | Any Festival | Any Social Day | Any happy moment and special day of your life | Any sorry moments | Any success and achievement moments | Or whenever you feel to celebrate and share some moments.

Bulk greeting: Corporate/Family Package

If you are

(1) A company/organization (with minimum 50 greetings p.a.)

(2) A family/group of friends (with minimum 10 greetings p.a.)

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